• Check in night(s) Adult(s) Child(ren)



■Aromatherapy Body Treatment

▶Pressure type : low pressure to moderate

40min JPY9720 / 60min JPY14040 / 90min JPY20520

■East & West Blend Treatment

▶Pressure type : moderate to hard pressure

60min JPY15120 / 90min JPY22680

■The Sukhothai Signature Body Treatment

▶Pressure type : moderate to hard pressure

90min JPY22680 / 120min JPY30240



■Rose Renew Facial

▶For ordinary skin or dry skin

60min JPY17280

■Skin Refining Facial

▶For oily skin or combination skin

60min JPY17280

■Mini Facial

Note : This course is an optional,please book together with other courses.

30min JPY9720



■Body Scrub

50min JPY10800

■Body Wrap

50min JPY10800

■Body Scrub & Wrap

90min JPY19440

■Silky Bath

Note : Be sure to make a reservation in advance.

30min JPY7560

■Galaxy Charcoal Steam Detox

Note : It is a low temperature steam sauna for women only.Be sure to make a reservation in advance.

30min JPY7560



■New Moon ~Clear Your Mind~

Package contents : Aromatherapy Body Treatment / Facial

120min JPY30240

■Waxing Moon ~Renew Rose Harmonizer~

Package contents : Body Scrub / Aromatherapy Back Treatment / Mini Facial

120min JPY30240

■Full Moon ~Let’s Relax~

Package contents : Body Scrub / Aromatherapy Body Treatment

120min JPY30240

■Waning Moon ~Body Reviver~

Package contents : Body Scrub / Body Wrap / Aromatherapy Leg Treatment

120min JPY29160



■Foot Reflexology

30min JPY7560

■Décolleté & Head Ritual

30min JPY7560



The spa's opening hours are from 9:00-22:00.
The booking should be made before 20:30,the starting time for the final treatment is 21:00.
You need to book by 20:30 a day before the treatment between 9:00 and 13:00.
Please note that the spa has an irregular holiday.
The spa is available for those who are over 18 years of age.



We may refuse to use the treatment if it falls under the following items.
People suffering from pollinosis and food allergies, pregnant, alcohol drinkers, hypertension, hypotension, sensitive skin, kidney or liver disease, epilepsy.
Even if it does not correspond to the above items, we may refuse to use if you are concerned about your health and safety after counseling.
Also, please refrain from having the treatment if you are not good at using oils and cosmetics, or those who are not good at the fragrance of aroma.
The hotel also accepts booking of Shiatsu in the guest room.If you are not good at using oil or fragrance of aroma, please use Shiatsu.



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