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Kamajin at CHIKUSENSO takes guests on a memorable authentic gastronomic journey. Kamado-gami(“god of the cooking stove”) is a deity who gives blessings and protection to the culinary industry. Drawing on the natural resources and the freshest produce and seafood in the region, the Executive Chef crafts for guest Kaiseki-ryori (traditional haute multi-course Japanese dinner) with creative interpretation.

Executive Chef:Kiyokazu Naoi

Handpicked ingredients,extra ordinary skills,and dedication to culinary art together present wholesome, original flavors and dellicious fragrances to excite the palate.


The prime ingredients include Sendai beef, and fresh vegetables and seafood from Miyagi Prefecture, chosen to bring out seasonal flavors.
Breakfast presents sand pot-cooked Brand rice directly sourced from farms in the region.
On the selection of wine are native to Miyagi and small bottle fine sake.