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It is wrapped in the smell of the nature of tree.Hot spring Water of private source imposing sink

CHIKUSENSO's onsen originates from "The gods' onsen" -- Togatta Onsen, with a history of over 400 years. The hot spring water provides immense health benefits.

Ladies' and gentlemen's indoor and outdoor onsen, as well as private outdoor onsen (reservation required) are available. All suites come with private onsen.

CHIKUSENSO is the ideal onsen destination where guests can have a reviving onsen experience in the heart of Mt. Zao.

Gentlemen’s Onsen

The Gentlemen's Onsen features an outdoor onsen pool built with cypress wood and rocks, and a wooden deck for relaxation and appreciation of stunning mountain and hot spring scenery through seasons.

Ladies’ Onsen

The Ladies Onsen is integrated in the lush nature of Mt. Zao to pamper all the senses and rejuvenate the body, soul and mind.

Private outdoor onsen

Overnight guests can enjoy the two private outdoor onsen (reservation required) as a complimentary privilege.

About CHIKUSENSO onsen

Quality of onsen water

Sodium compounds, bicarbonate, sulfate; low-tension neutral; temperature: 65.1 ℃

Health benefits

Has health benefits for conditions such as atherosclerosis, injuries, burns, chronic skin diseases, neuralgia, muscle ache, joint pain, frozen shoulder, limb weakness, stiff joints, bruising, sprains, fatigue, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, and cold intolerance. The onsen also speeds recovery from illness, has soothing effects on skin, and promotes general well-being.

Onsen facilities

Ladies' Onsen (Outdoor and Indoor), Gentlemen's Onsen (Outdoor and Indoor), 2 Private Outdoor Onsen (reservation required)