Getting to Chikusenso


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Shuttle Bus Service

Shuttle bus between Sendai Station and Chikusenso

Complimentary Shuttle bus service

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Time table :

※Travel time between locations: About 60 mins
Delays may arise due to traffic, weather and conditions.

By Car

▼From Tokyo

Tokyo→Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway→Urawa Interchange →Tohoku Expressway→Shiroishi or Murata Interchange →Miyagi Zao Eboshi ski resort (20 - 30 min drive)→Chikusenso
【Travel Time】About 4 hrs 40 mins

▼From Sendai

Sendai Miyagi Interchange→Tohoku Expressway→Shiroishi or Murata Interchange→Miyagi Zao Eboshi ski resort (20 - 30 min drive)→Chikusenso
【Travel Time】About 1 hr 10 mins

From Tokyo Station

▼From Tokyo

(1) Tohoku Shinkansen "MAX Yamabiko" train→ Shiroishi Zao Station
【Travel Time】1 hr 55 mins

(2) (2)Tohoku Shinkansen "Hayabusa"→Sendai Station
【Travel Time】1 hr 32 mins

By Air Plane (destination: Sendai Airport)

▼From Kansai International Airport

【Travel Time】1 hr 20 mins

▼From Osaka Itami International Airport

【Travel Time】1 hr 10 mins

▼From Fukuoka Airport

【Travel Time】1 hr 40 mins
Taxi from Sendai Airport to Chikusenso (about 60 mins)

By bus from Sendai Station

Bus Stop No. 33→Togatta Onsen Yunomachi(about 72mins). Then take a taxi to Chikusenso (about 5 mins)
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